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Welcome to DecoCraft USA!

DecoCraft USA is an architectural plaster moulding company, or more precisely "the moulding company" that manufactures interior plaster mouldings. Reviving the art of fine molding, DecoCraft USA is one of the few moulding design companies that still employ the plastering method; the method that originally inspired the term “molding”.

Early Egyptians used plaster molding in their architectural buildings and temples and many of these -- thousands of years later - are here today. Plastering is incomparable as it allows for starker and finer designs and of course longer lasting, more durable moldings. Plaster does not shift or shrink with changes in temperature or humidity, and is widely known as fire proof. All of our products are handmade and sculpted in the USA. Precisely, we are located in Brooklyn, New York – an architectural hub for buildings featuring some of the earliest, finest and most decorative plaster mouldings in the country.

At DecoCraft USA we see moulding design for what it is; an art with lots of room for beautiful, delicate and inspired work. We employ people who share our vision, highly skilled, professional designers and knowledgeable plaster installers who work hard to maintain the DecoCraft USA standards and who are capable of creating any custom profile. And since it's really all about your vision, we have what it takes to accommodate any idea of yours; designers who will work specifically to create what you've got in mind, and a selection of products that will allow you to stick to your budget.

We've got what it takes to make it real.

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